Dialogue vs Revolution

Despite the disagreement in reading the dramatic Syrian events  (Revolution, uprising, street movement, planned foreign conspiracy, rightful or wrongful demands, sectarianism, peaceful, violent or both), it is no longer a secret that violence has escalated at a regular pace, and the conflict took so much a destructive form that no Syrian party would be declared a winner.

What were the results of the conflict?

Tens of thousands of victims and martyrs, thousands of those who were abducted, detained and forcibly displaced, a complete loss of security, the spread of gangs and mercenaries, and a catastrophic economic crisis as a result of the systematic destruction of industrial zones and dismemberment of the economic cycle. In addition to all that there are foreign economic sanctions, a lack of basic materials, a high rate of unemployment, a recession in national and social unity and civil peace, and an increase in various fanaticisms, on top of which are instigations and sectarian actions, the destruction of state institutions and their most important service functions, and a dangerous foreign intervention by all possible means.

All previous facts are escalating at a dangerous rate, and this kind of destruction needs tens of years and more than a hundred billion dollars for us to go back to where Syria was in 2010. All this indicates that Syria has entered into a comprehensive national crisis, with catastrophic possibilities for its development.

The regime didn’t fall; but on the other hand, the military and security solution perpetrated by the regime against its opponents didn’t work. Months have passed on this situation, despite the faith of the supporters of both sides that the end is close. Therefore, what is needed now from all parties is the transition to rationality, to start thinking about settlements and compromises for the sake of the country. All conflicts end by sitting around the dialogue or negotiation table.

With both parties seeking foreign help and the lack of trust between them made the American and Russian role in the conflict a very important one. It became necessary to have an international guarantor for the outcome of the dialogue, and to supervise fair elections at all levels.

Everyone has blood on their hands, and everyone committed serious mistakes. The military victor will impose a similar despotic security rule, which would be a natural and inevitable result, and it would resume an endless war for existence. Dialogue, agreement on a transitional period and a national unity government, and taking the other side’s fears into consideration would ease tension and put Syria’s interest above all.

Before initiating dialogue, all parties should identify their representatives, show goodwill gestures, work on facilitating relief operations and contribute towards finding solutions for all problems. Launching the dialogue would encircle the manipulating parties and promote the legitimacy of the state in confronting the destructive and violent elements. Putting an immediate end to violence and finding political solutions so as to reach a comprehensive peaceful democratic change, is the demand of the majority of Syrian people.

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